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KY-018 LDR Photo-Resister Module as a momentary switch with Arduino

LDR Photo-Resister Module

Photosensitive resistor module most sensitive to environmental light intensity is generally used to detect the ambient brightness and light intensity.

Parts Needed

You need to have the following parts

  • Arduino (Any version)
  • 1x KY-018
  • 1x One-Channel Relay module 5V
  • Jumper Wires

For Arduino

Wiring LDR Photo-Resister Module

PinWiring KY-018 to Arduino
OUTDigital Pin – 2

Wiring Relay

PinWiring relay to the Arduino
SDIgital Pin – 13

Schematics For Arduino

Assemble all the parts by following the schematics below:

Connect the light lamp to the relay.

Coding Arduino

  • Upload the code to the Arduino.

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