" the trend of future "

Having the opportunity to give your devices voice commands or initiating various features of your home automation system using a smartphone app can be incredibly beneficial and could save you cash over time. It can also be a lot of fun. Control every single device in your home, reinvigorate your surrounding with a single tap.

Total Power Control

Control your home from anywhere in the world. Integrated home automation brings all electrical systems together in a user-friendly way.

Timing and Scheduling

Turn any appliance ON/OFF automatically based on the real time of the day. Schedule as needed.

Energy saving

Our IoT platform works on 0.3 Watt so, you don’t even have to think of your energy bill.

don't think. Ask.

Take your Home Automation experience to a whole new level with the Echo. Amazon Echo adds the interactive and responsive feature to your home automation wherein you can actually talk to the devices in the home and get things done.

Just ask “Alexa” to trigger your lights, fans, switches etc.


IR blasters

 The system allows you to control all IR devices from our app. 100 remote keys actions can be trained to our app and this feature is available even for phones which don’t have IR.

temperature control

Want a smart air conditioner without having to buy a new one? Remotely trigger you AC and control its temperature from anywhere. Control temperature of the geyser, room heater, thermostats. Turn on your AC minutes before you reach home from a tiring day at the office.

RGB spectrum theming

Choose from over 10 colors from our smart app for your room and set theme according to your mood. Sync all your RGB strips with a single snap.

Water tank level monitoring

Our highly sophisticated system provides a simple and complete solution for continuous monitoring and management of water.

From our app timer you can schedule your hydroelectric motor to be automatically turn on or off which ultimately save you a lot of time and power consumption.

Fan speed Control/light dimming

With digital regulator control the speed of fan.

Discipline the changes in lighting levels to affect mood. Light Dimmers can enhance aesthetics.

self powered Smart
door bell

No batteries. Converting the energy from finger pressing into electricity, then transmit the wireless signal.

Two way talking: It has two way talking supply, wherever you are, you can always know who’s knocking your door.

Save Energy

Devices that draw energy even when in a standby mode or just when plugged in can be monitored and completely shut down when not in use just by using our Smart App, reducing your home’s “Phantom load”. The Department of Energy estimates that vampire devices account for about $100 (Approx. Rs 6500)  on the average annual electrical bill in the United States.

Our IOT platform takes 60 mA * 5V ≈ 0.3 Watt and therefore you don’t even have to think of your energy bill. And that figure is, of course, negligible on yearly basis.


The revolutionary full flat switch.
By Schneider Electric

With ZENcelo, luxury is no longer defined by price. But by wisdom – and style. Plus hundreds of customizable Colour Imagination options. A refusal to simply follow the crowd. Even on switches you never imagined can be Full-Flat.

Smart App


Cloud sync your device state as your electricity interrupted.Provide the ability to design the App your way.


Provide different tabs for the different section of your home.

Simple & Better

Simple as it lets you control all your devices with one app.Better as it gives you a variety of features to empower your house.

Multi-Platform support

iOS & Android

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