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AC Light Dimmer Module with fade effect

This post shows how to fade your 220V/110V LED light using AC Light Dimmer Module with Arduino.


AC Light Dimmer Module

AC Light Dimmer Module 1 Channel 3.3V/5V Logic AC 50hz 60hz 220V 110V

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This module works on PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation Control ) in simple words we decrease or increase the duty cycle to set the intensity of the LED.

PWM is also used to

  • Control dimming of RGB strip.
  • Control the direction of the servo motor
  • Control the speed of the motor

The main advantage of PWM light dimmer is that it very energy efficient.

light Fader

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Parts Needed

You need to have the following parts

  • Arduino (Any version)
  • 1x AC Light Dimmer Module 1 Channel
  • 1x 220V/110V LED
  • Jumper Wire

Arduino Setup

Wiring Light Dimmer Module

Wiring Relay

Pin Wiring Dimmer to the Arduino
VCC 5V or 3.3V
Z-C PIN – 2



Schematics For Arduino

Assemble all the parts by following the schematics below:

AC light dimmer schematic

Connect the LED lamp to the AC Load and dimmer to the AC input.

Coding Arduino

Note: There is a different setting for 50Hz and 60Hz supply. Change the values in the code accordingly.

  • Adjust the Dimming Range accordingly ( For us 880 to 902 worked).
  • Upload the code to the Arduino.

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  1. I want to run this dimmer with ATtiny85. It’s possible?

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